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  About us - The Vanilla History  

Vanilla is a delicate plant in the orquid family of the planifolia type, with big flowers and a greenish-yellow pistil which varies in size from 15 cm to 23 cm in length and always been cultivated in the land of the Totonacas.

The Totonacas culture is responsible for giving this knowledge to the world. They came from the Totonacapan region, which now exists as the states of Veracruz, Puebla and the area near the Gulf of Mexico.

The plant only grows in warm and humid climates. The combination of all of these wonderful conditions: climate, geography, a specific altitude (up to 500 meters above sea level) come together in the Totonacapan region.

However, one other thing is needed because the plant is not self-polinizing this must be done human hands. The pollination continues to be done only by singlewomen in the manner of the original ritual.
The Totonacas ripen the pistil of the Vanilla using an ancient technique to obtain the delicious flavor and exquisite scent of this plant that we celebrate.
When Hernan Cortez arrived to America, the Totonacas offered him a special traditional drink which was called CHOCOLATL (made with a mix of Vanilla and chocolate), he loved the drink so much that he decided to take the Vanilla Plant with him to Europe with the intent to make a profit from the plant.

However, his idea failed because the climate and geography needed to grow Vanilla does not exist in Europe as it does in the Republic of Mexico.
Decades later the Mexican Vanilla has found it´s way to many parts of the world and the ideal conditions in the State of Veracruz are the reason that the Mexican Vanilla continues to be so famous in al the world.
After all is said and done, we believe that you will agree, the Mexican Vanilla TOTONAC´S is the best in the world.
It is easy and simple to use TOTONAC´S Vanilla in your every day life, you just add a bit of TOTONAC´S Vanilla to your favorite beverage.
For example, if you drink a Margarita, Piña colada, Tequila mix, Cognac or rum add some drops of TOTONAC´S Vanilla. If you do not drink alcohol try it in your favorite soda, this will add a different touch to your beverages making them special and delicious.
Furthermore, you can also use TOTONAC´S Vanilla the way you already know for baking, milk shakes and coffee beverages.

Remember that TOTONAC´S Vanilla enhances the flavor of chocolate in brownies, pastries and cakes.
We suggest you to use clear Vanilla TOTONAC´S if you do not want to change the color of what you are preparing (whipped cream for example), but it is a great idea Vanilla TOTONAC´S for plum cake, brownies and cookies.


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